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Philippa Poulton

Singing Teacher
Vocal Massage Therapist
Voice Rehabilitation Specialist
Speaking & Presenting

I am a singing teacher with a wealth of experience. I have taught and given masterclasses for over 30 years, giving many performers the freedom to express themselves through the joy of singing.

I gained a scholarship to study classical singing at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and later another scholarship supported my opera studies at the Royal Academy of Music.

I believe that the ability to sing is innate and my work involves facilitating the release of students’ voices in a way that is a true reflection of themselves.

My approach comes from an understanding of the mechanics of the voice, which is based on anatomy and physiology, together with an understanding of how emotion influences muscular responses and patterns within the body.

This is a very personal process and it is tailored to the individual student. My aim is always to create a warm, friendly, trusting environment, without the use of gimmicks or tricks. It is essential that students feel relaxed whilst they are learning and I believe that the process should be fun.


Laughter creates the most wonderfully free sounds which are very close to the production of singing and when the lesson is enjoyed to this extent, progress is much more easily attained. I offer myself as a vocal coach which means that I am totally committed to supporting my students throughout their learning process. 


Philippa’s students do not just thrive as singers; I have seen many students go through a complete transformation. This is because Philippa believes in her students, and shows them how they should believe in themselves. Everybody should learn to sing, and they should learn with Philippa! 

Martin Neill
Composer and Pianist 

Philippa has always been my inspiration as the perfect teacher. She spends time getting to know her students, not just teaching them technique but also helping them with spiritual growth. Her love and positivity always brings me back on track even after all these years. 

Phoebe Tam
Professional Operatic Soprano, based in Hong Kong 

Before starting lessons I wasn’t very confident. Philippa is always helping you improve and be the best that you can be. She helped me with my singing technique as well as my acting. I gained so much confidence and found a love for classical and contemporary songs. 

Lottie O’Kill 
Musical Theatre Student, Guildford School of Acting 

Philippa has helped me hugely to rediscover my voice after many years when I could hardly sing and thought my voice gone forever. Her approach in emphasising that the singing voice is as a much a product of emotions and well-being as it is of physiology and technique has transformed my understanding of singing, allowing me for the first time to really explore and develop my upper register. Her positive and sensitive approach instils confidence, self-belief and a joy of singing. Philippa is exceptionally gifted at understanding and articulating the interactions between life and the voice, and uses this understanding most effectively in her teaching. Lessons with her are fun, insightful and lead to rapid progress. 


Original member of I Fagiolini

Emailing Philippa was really a last throw of the dice, after my voice had become so low and constricted that I could barely even sing the hymns in church. Her response was immediate and warm and, when I met her, she was so encouraging that I sang a little bit more easily, even before we started work!

But, the thing is, it doesn't feel like "work". In our lessons, Philippa uses her impressive knowledge of the physiology and psychology of singing - and I just have a lovely time!

I have stopped feeling apologetic about my voice. I sing around the house, and in the car, and in groups - and the hymns no longer hold any fear for me! Singing is a real pleasure, just like it used to be. 

Thank you, Philippa.


Philippa is a wonderful teacher with a very sensitive and supportive approach. In the two years we worked together Philippa instilled in me the confidence and self-belief I needed to apply for postgraduate vocal study and was a wonderful support throughout the application and audition process, arranging mock auditions, coaching sessions with pianists and performance opportunities that enabled me to truly prepare my programme for the challenge. Entirely dedicated to your individual needs, voice and development, Philippa’s expertise and encouragement coupled with her positive attitude and attention to detail brings out the best in all her pupils. Her excellent understanding of technique, languages and emphasis on the numerous “other” aspects of performance transformed my singing. I am so grateful for her advice, singing and otherwise, that led me to pursue Masters study at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without her fantastic teaching. Philippa is an amazing teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop their voice and confidence as a performer.

Poppy DamazerMasters StudentRoyal Conservatoire of Scotland 

Having not sung for very many years, I decided to have some more singing lessons to see whether I could recreate some of the wonderful pleasures that I experienced when I was much younger. I was extremely nervous at the beginning of this regrowth but right from the start Philippa gave me her tremendous encouragement and support, introducing me to music schools and workshops with other professional colleagues. I have now renewed my love and passion of singing which I had previously lost. 

Sometimes my mood does not encourage me to sing but having a lesson with Philippa has shown me that I can restructure my progress and look at my voice and technique in a completely different way. After having spent time with her I feel completely exhilarated and revitalised.


Philippa’s dedicated approach to her students shows her energetic enthusiasm to each individual and is always great fun and constructive in her attitude. She is a true professional and has made me regain my self-confidence and positivity not only in my singing but also in life itself.

Ex - RAM student

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Teaching Locations


38 Lime Way
East Sussex
TN21 8YB

Monday: 10am - 7pm

Tuesday: 4pm - 8pm

Wednesday: 10am - 7pm

Thursday: 10am - 8pm


The Old Coach House
Castle Ditch Lane,


Tuesday: 10am - 2pm

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