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I was born into a musical family and spent my childhood in a little mining village outside Swansea in South Wales. Singing was very much part of the tradition in mining communities, because life could be very difficult and music was a wonderful means of finding solace. I was brought up in this tradition and on my first day at school when I was feeling vulnerable and frightened, my teacher asked me to sing a song to the class and this is where my singing journey began. 

I believe passionately that singing is innate and that every child to should have the opportunity to sing joyfully. This premise forms the cornerstone of my teaching technique, because I believe that we all seek to achieve the innocence, freedom and joy of childhood when we sing.

When I was 18, I gained a scholarship to study classical singing at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and later another scholarship supported my opera studies at the Royal Academy of Music. In all, my studies lasted 8 years and I worked with many of the finest coaches and teachers in the world. My education included training in bel canto vocal technique, general musicianship, acting, dance ( tap, jazz, baroque ) stagecraft, stage fighting, acting and elocution, as well as French, German and Italian.

I have taught singing for 30 years and my work has been diverse. I have worked with professional singers, students, children and adults with a range of additional needs, in a range of different genres and I currently mentor student Vocal Habilitation Professionals for Vocal Health Education. I am a passionate advocate of singing and its capacity to instil wellbeing and I am a qualified Voice Rehabilitation Specialist. I also continue to work on my own vocal technique and physical fitness, training daily at the gym and taking regular classes in Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais.

The Robert Poulton Foundation

I am CEO of the Robert Poulton Foundation which was created to promote the joy of singing.

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