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Philippa Poulton is a qualified Vocal Health First Aider, a Vocal Habilitation Professional

Voice Rehabilitation


Heathfield or online - £75
Lewes - £85

I am a qualified Voice Rehabilitation Specialist and have received training in the following:

  • Endoscopic evaluation of laryngeal function and observations of a range of pathologies

  • Anatomy – a day in the dissection lab

  • Anxiety management, counselling skills and mindfulness

  • The theoretical background to practical rehabilitation techniques

  • Advanced functional anatomy of the healthy voice

  • Manual therapy – how to guide self-massage, use of palpation for assessment and the use of massage therapy for functional release of tension

  • Physical wellness – knowledge of how to advise the performer in optimising their exercise and nutrition

I undertake frequent observations within a clinical setting and am happy to focus on the initial stages of rehabilitation, following on from clinical therapy (with a documented referral from the clinician), and to help facilitate a return to performing. 


Vocal massage is a series of manoeuvres which relaxes the para-laryngeal structures with the aim of restoring vocal function. Human beings have a tendency manifest their emotional stress physically. As well as affecting our ability to move well, this can also affect the efficiency and quality of our speaking and singing voice, setting up inefficient muscular function which can lead to conditions such as muscle tension dysphonia. Vocal Massage Therapy can be a wonderful way of restoring balance for professional voice users and a great aid to voice rehabilitation.

Vocal Massage can help:

  • Release muscular tension

  • Release emotional tension

  • Rehabilitate muscles post- surgery

  • Relieve symptoms of globus (lump in the throat feeling)

  • Release muscle tension dysphonia

  • Alleviate acid reflux

  • Release jaw and tongue tension

  • Restore natural flow of sound

Philippa Poulton is a qualified Vocal Health First Aider, a Vocal Habilitation Professional (pic by Claire Vögeli @girlandglass)


As a result of my specialist training I am able to offer Vocal Health Consultations for voice users, where holistic, science- based vocal health advice is given in order to help you achieve optimal vocal efficiency.

This service is suitable for both professional and non- professional voice users and will take into consideration habitual patterns and overall physical and mental health when making recommendations. I am also able to refer clients for clinical assessment, if there is a suspected pathological cause for concern. 

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