Audition preparation is something that I really enjoy. Whether the audition is for a specific role/part or for entry into music conservatoire/drama school, I love to help students prepare for important milestones in their career. 

Preparation will include researching the event, choosing, planning , learning and physicalising repertoire. This process can sometimes be quite complicated and can take months of preparation.

For example, in many drama schools, they now only require a certain number of bars of the chosen songs and this number is different for every drama school. The student will often need help to choose the best part of her songs to demonstrate her strengths and she will need to learn 3 or 4 slightly different versions.


When auditioning for post graduate study at conservatoires, the repertoire needed can be quite extensive and it is a requirement to sing in at least 3 languages. Planning mock auditions and mini recitals, well in advance of the audition date works brilliantly as preparation for this and can really help with performance anxiety.


How the student arrives at the venue, how she warms up, what she wears, how she enters the room, how she stands, how she gesticulates and how she introduces herself are all important aspects of necessary preparation. When one is dealing with an important audition, where certain factors are unfamiliar, it is really important to plan what one is able to control.


During the last year, out of 3 my students who auditioned for professional study, one was offered scholarship places in 2 conservatoires, and 2 were offered places to study Musical Theatre  in every drama school for whom they auditioned.


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