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The mainstay of every lesson with me is mutual respect. I take great pleasure in getting to know each of my students and am extremely conscious of building trust and a safe space to explore potential. Encouragement, laughter and joy are an integral part of every lesson. I am particularly interested in the extent to which our emotions influence the shape of our bodies and the sounds that we make. 

My pedagogical influences include the work of Frederick Husler, Yvonne Rod-Marling, Möche Feldenkrais and Frederick Alexander. I am also extremely conscientious that I continue with my own personal, vocal  and physical development. 


Breathing, breath control, navigating the passaggio

Legato bel canto singing and phrasing

Italianate vowel production and phonation

Diction and use of consonants


I have extensive knowledge of classical and musical theatre repertoire. Choosing appropriate repertoire in the correct key is extremely important.

Performing Skills and interpretation:

Story telling

Communicating the text

Body language awareness


I am able support singing in
French, German, Italian, Latin, Welsh and English

Pronunciation, interpretation, translation and context


Intonation, rhythm, dynamics, style


Critical listening


I am very experienced at preparing students to audition for complete roles, and for entry to Music Conservatoires, Drama Schools, Universities and Performing Arts Colleges.

My students have 100% success rate.


My home studio: Heathfield East Sussex.

London: studio by arrangement

Online: these lessons have recently proven to be extremely successful

Please apply for details of fees and availability